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Choosing your Portrait Photographer by the Business Module

How many times do we start the great search of what photographer to choose from? How many hours do we spend scrolling looking for the style that speaks to us? I am here to help bring an answer to the big question of how to choose your photographer by their business module.

Every portrait photographer has a business style. There are 3 popular business modules that we see around in the business.

  • Shoot and deliver by an online gallery (Your receive the edited digital files. They also give you printing rights. You choose where or if you want to print your digitals.)
  • Boutique (You do not receive digitals unless you purchase the print. They handle your printing. This insures their printing quality. You receive no printing rights. This is a very personalized business module. You will usually meet before your session to go over what you are wanting and where you are wanting your images. They shoot more to fill your order. After your session you meet again and choose your prints.)
  • A Hybrid of the above business modules (They will also deliver your gallery by an online gallery service. They give you access to their preferred photo labs. Some are a sitting fee and then purchasing your portraits. They just don’t meet with you and help you through the purchasing process in person. Others have the fee including the digitals and then give you access to their labs.)

A shoot and deliver business style is for someone that doesn’t want to spend money on a lot of prints they just want to have pictures for sharing on social media or e-letters for family and friends.

A boutique is for someone that wants to invest in their images. For instance, let’s say you are moving into your new home and you would like to decorate your home with images of your children. Your photographer will meet with you and help you with choosing the sizes, print products, and portraits that you want and that will look best on your walls. Then when they shoot your session they have the list of the images you are looking for and where you will be putting them.

The hybrid of both business modules is for someone that wants updated images, but they don’t want a lot of large canvas or prints throughout their home. They are more looking for updated family photos and holiday greeting cards.

Each of these business modules are amazing. They fill a void that people need. So go through your list and find your Family Photographer that meets your needs and see what business modules they are running to see how they can best serve you and what you are wanting from your Family Portrait Session.

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