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Photography Broken Down In Editing Style

Every Photographer has a way of expressing themselves through their photography. Some show their passion through movement, others through contrast, and others show their style through the emotion they are able to capture. When choosing your photographer you need to decide what emotion you are wanting to capture. What moment in time do you want to be swept away to when you look at the portrait hanging on your wall? Or in its picture frame sitting with honor at your bedside, or across your living room mantle. This my friend is why you should know your Photographer’s Shooting and Editing Style. Look at the pictures below and choose which one matches your desired style.

Light and Airy

The Light and Airy image have been edited with a lot more light thus causing more light spots to come through the image. This type of photography has a lot more focus on the subject and not the surrounding areas such as the sky, and draws the eye to the subject in your image.

True to Color

<a href="http://<!– wp:image {"id":42,"sizeSlug":"large","linkDestination":"none"} –> <figure class="wp-block-image size-large" id="true-to-color"><img src="" alt="True to color child photo, Children Photographer, Child in Autumn woods," class="wp-image-42" title="True to Color"/><figcaption>True to Color</figcaption></figure> True to Color has more color and brightness about the image, with the same airy feel. The subject is still the center of attention you will just see more color throughout the background.


Moody sets a tone by bringing out the darker tones in the image. This style also has more grain throughout the image. The subject is still centered but the mood is set with darker tones causing your eye to see the darker colors throughout the image.

Congratulations on choosing your photographer’s editing style. It is now time to think about how you would like your images to look. Here is a list of a few different Portraiture styles of photography that can help you bring your dreams to the canvas.

  • Studio Photography
  • <a href="http://<!– wp:image {"id":54,"sizeSlug":"large","linkDestination":"none"} –> <figure class="wp-block-image size-large" id="Styled-Photography"><img src="×1024.jpg" alt="" class="wp-image-54"/></figure> Styled Photography
  • Life Style Photography
  • Journal Photography

Studio Photography

Studio Photography is done in the studio with the subject posed looking at the camera and smiling in front of a backdrop. Backdrops are usually a simple color or an abstract.

Styled Photography

Styled Photography has more in-depth posing. Clients usually have their hair and makeup done professionally. You are usually working with a theme of looks they are going for. This is more of a model-structured style, think Glamour!

Life Style Photography

Life Style Photography is more about the photographer catching you in the moment. Your poses will have a lot of movement and you will not always be looking at the camera. This is more like peaking in on a moment kind of photography. These sessions usually happen in the comfort of your home or your comfort zones.

Journal Photography

Journal Photography is more about capturing the event or what is going on around you. This isn’t really about capturing the most aesthetic image, but instead the story. This is more of what you would get when you have your baby’s birth photographed. Or a special event such as a birthday for your one-year-old.


Congratulations, you are now ready to choose the photographer that is right for you. Most professional photographers have a website, Instagram, and a Facebook account where you will be able to go through their past client’s galleries and see their work. As you look through the images put yourself there and ask yourself would you like your family pictures to look like this or that?

You are the paying client, choose where you put your investment, choose which photographer and their style you want to have on your walls, or that place of honor. Ask questions, and never be afraid to ask why. A good photographer will know the answer to why they do what they do.

Remember photography is an art to be enjoyed by you the subject! May your next photo session you have, be filled with love and laughter, so that when your walk by your images they will bring you back to the feeling of love and laughter captured there.

October 3, 2022

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