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Hershey, Pennsylvania! A Bucket List Trip!!

When I was in 7th grade, writing candy brands was a big fad! My Classmates and I would do this to see if we could get free candy. Most of them were going for the candy, but for me, I wanted to stand out and not ask for the bags or boxes of candy but the ingredients and how they were made. I love Hershey’s Special Dark Mildly Sweet Chocolate so Hershey’s became my choice.

Hershey Chocolate bar

While looking for the phone number to call, I found out there was a town name, Hershey in Pennsylvania. That day it was added to my bucket list of places I wanted to travel to.

Hershey Hotel

A Photographer’s Family Trip To Hershey, Pennsylvania

It was the last week of October and the leaves were in their prime. The colors were so incredible. I couldn’t help but have my camera out while I walked around the acres of the beautiful Hershey Hotel. But most of all, I enjoyed our daughter feel like a princess.

From the moment our daughter saw the exquisite landscape and beautiful buildings she pronounced it her castle and she was the princess. She asked me to sing her down the covered sidewalk as she slowed her steps and gracefully put one foot in front of the other to the tune of “Here Comes the Princess.”

It was incredible to watch her dreams and imagination. As we walked to our room she had to point out everything that made her feel like she was the princess of Hotel Hershey.

The next morning we walked out to the amazing well-manicured gardens. We could hear the water fountains before we saw them through the crisp morning mist. We walked down the grand staircase to the grounds around the 5-star Restaurant “Harvest.”

We wandered down and around the hills towards the gardens and couldn’t hide the child within us as we walked through the leaves.

We couldn’t skip the butterflies. We watched some break from the cacoons and then saw others flying around. It was incredible to see them up close.

Then it was out to the rose garden! There were so many in bloom just right for the camera.

Driving into the town of Hershey was a feeling of accomplishment. Something that comes from a dream coming true. Have you ever experienced that feeling? That is a feeling I wish to share with all my readers.

Hershey, Hotel

November 3, 2022

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