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Let’s talk about a Storybook Portrait Session

If you want your portrait session images to look and feel a little more editorial, I recommend bringing a few small, simple props with you, like fresh flowers to hold while reading your favorite storybook on a blanket you brought to sit on.

Header image, Photo of "Live on Purpose" books written by: Sadie Robertson Huff with Tama Fortner

Have you been thinking about doing a storybook portrait session? Did you know that you can bring props to your photo session? Below is a list of things you can bring to your next photo session.

  • Books: if you are a book lover bring your book to your photo session and do a portrait session with things that bring out the true diamond in you
  • Picnic: do you love family picnics in the park? If so bring a basket and blanket and capture a loved summer outing.
  • Autumn Chill: did you plan a photo session this fall and the temperature dropped the day of? Bring a plaid or autumn-colored blanket and I can use it as a prop to keep you warm.
  • Animal Lover: bring your horse, dog, cat, or any other. Check with your photographer so they can help you with a few tips and tricks.

My daughter is into story time in the evening, so I brought out our blanket and the devotional book that we are reading together and we did photos.

Story book photo
Royal Diamond Photography

We love this book and what it brings to our daily lives. Learning to live life on purpose has been a growing experience for both of us. Making sure that I am with her 100% when I am with her, and setting my phone in its chosen location while we do us time has helped me so much.

This book has helped me overcome fear, live without limitations, celebrate every moment, and hold on to the promises of God. I guess you could say that this book has helped me step out and live the life God has called me to live.

story book photo
Royal Diamond Photography

Sometimes we have to fall (from the book)

I have fallen down in my journey as a mother so many times. Sometimes it’s hard to juggle the job and motherhood. Have you experienced this juggle marathon? What did you do to help you through it?

I turn to books and my own mother. And when I fall down, I have a few mothers to call and so many books on life and motherhood that I only give it a moment before I pick myself up and head out the door with my #bossmom face.

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storybook portrait session

August 11, 2023

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