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Can I Bring My Dog to My Photo Session? | Session Tips | Family Photographer

A question I get a lot is, “Can I bring my dog to my photo session?” The answer: ABSOLUTELY!! At Royal Diamond Photography, I know your furry friends are part of your family. What better way to show that than including them in your session?! Big dogs, small dogs, bring them all! The only thing we ask is that you keep them on a leash if they tend to get really excited or want to explore.

I planned a gorgeous session at Keyhole Reservoir with Haley Ferguson and her beautiful family to capture some precious memories.

3 Reasons to Bring Your Dog to Your Photo Session | Family Photo Session

Bringing your furry friend to your Photo Session is a way to capture your family. If you have a close family pet, and it plays a large role in your family dynamic I would say, “Yes, most definitely bring your charming pet.” After all, we are capturing your family.

Photo Locations With Your Family Pet

One thing we want to keep in mind when bringing your dog to your photo session is location. Can the location you choose have dogs? What are the requirements for having pets in the location? When working with Royal Diamond Photography we research the location’s can and can’t do for our clients, if they are doing their photo sessions on public land.

Bring Treats for Your Pet

When bringing your dog bring treats. That way the photographer can get your dog engaged in the photo session! Usually, the Photographer will hold the treat to keep the dog’s attention as well as allow you up to smile at the camera and not trying to get your dog to look at the photographer.

Practice With Your Pet

When I am talking about rewarding your dog, another way to help them learn is to practice at home. Even if it’s just having fun with them as you have them sit and pose for you. Get them to practice this a few times a day about 2 weeks before your session.

Celebrate With Your Furry Friend

Remember to always celebrate when your dog does something good. They love to be rewarded and loved on.

I hope this was helpful to you! If you like for me to capture your Family memories, I’d love for you to contact me HERE!

August 28, 2023

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