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Why Family Photos Matter | Family Photographer

In this blog, we are going to remember back when, and why Family Photos matter. They are not just for you, but for your children’s children to remember you.

Why Family Photos Matter

Where Were You?

Today is September 11, 2023.

I was 14, and my Father and oldest sister had just been killed in an automobile accident 2 weeks before when our world stood still again. Mother came into our room and let us know that the World Trade Center had just been hit. I had heard about them but they were across the country so not much of importance was given them.

My heart cracked as I watched families getting torn apart just like mine had been. Fathers, mothers, sisters brothers, someone was going to be missing them. Our nation was never going to be the same again. War would come next. More families would be taken apart.

Why Family Photos Matter

When loved ones are gone, all we have is the photos and memories of them. I know I wasn’t the adult but I would have asked my family for more photos. Invested in the film so we could have more of our memories in books that we could look back on. I would love a Legacy Book for my children.

Legacy Photo Album

Everyone has a camera!

Did you know that the Millennials and Generation Z and Alpha have more photos taken of them than any other generation? That is because cameras got put in everyone’s pocket. I have come to wonder where the parents are. When I look back through the photos of our family I see either my husband or I missing in almost every photo taken.

Time to be in the photos!

That is why photographers are here. To bring the whole family together for a photograph and Fall season is just the right time to update your family photos. Click here and let’s get you scheduled.

Legacy Album

September 14, 2023

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